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Owner of Alder Healing Center

Mother, Grandmother, Natural Care Practitioner, Bridge-builder, Story-teller, Pioneer, Shellie Carter is an expert in Multi-Dimensional Healing for the Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Today she is a highly sought after, inspiring and entertaining Speaker.  Over the last twenty-five (25) years, Shellie has studied natural, ancient and cultural therapies.  During this time she has recognized that emotions, spirituality and your soul play an integral role in the quality of our health, vitality and the ability to heal.  She provides tools to assist you on your journey; creating a bridge to assisting the body, mind, spirit and soul back to balance.

As a bridge builder for people of different cultures she is considerate, caring and accepting of all people.  Shellie has a special perspective that allows her to get to the core of health issues; she will instinctively discard the paths that lead nowhere for a faster road to healing for optimal health and balance. Having had the opportunity to be a part of a team that went to Ecuador for medical missions, her life was changed forever.  It was there that she had the opportunity to work with people where the team was the only chance for them to receive health care in their lifetime.  The opportunity to be of service and make a positive difference made her realize this was a part of what she is here to do.

Shellie has been a speaker for bereavement groups, seizure support groups and athletic workshops and more (see list below).  The way she is able to bring stories and ideas to life makes her presentations exciting and vivid.  Always on the hunt for the perfect phrase, she is able to find the words that inspire people to act.

Past Speaking Engagements:  Women’s Spiritual Retreat, American Cancer Society, Wheaton Chamber of Commerce, Health Conference at Pheasant Run, Amega Global – Global Conference (keynote speaker), Holistic Moms Group and more.

The procedures administered by Alder Healing Center Carter are non-medical procedures. They are not intended to be a treatment, prescription or therapeutic or corrective measure for human ailments, symptoms or conditions of any kind. Only your licensed physician can provide medical treatments. This business does not engage in diagnosis, prescription or treatment of physical or mental human ailments or conditions of any kind. Any medical complaints or requests for diagnosis, prescription or treatment of human ailments should be referred to your licensed physician.

Therapists & Instructors

Eva Gairabetoff has been studying energy work since 1998, though her actual interest in healing started much earlier than that.  In her twenties she began a life-long interest in Yoga and meditation.  In 2001, she began her study of Reiki, became a Reiki Master/ Teacher in May of 2003, and then began her mastery of Healing Touch.  She uses these energy-based therapies and technologies to empower the recipient to participate fully in their own healing journey.  Energetic healing is based on the premise that all healing is self-healing.

In the past, she volunteered at the Wellness House (Hinsdale, IL), the Chicagoland Healing Touch Alliance (at Alexian Brothers Cancer Center, in Elk Grove Village, IL) and the Healing Partners of Greater Chicago.  She is a member of Healing Touch Program and the Infinity Foundation. She now is teaching Reiki classes here at Alder Healing Center.

Roxanne Garcia ~ CranialSacral Therapist

Roxanne speaks from her heart to yours.  She offers a combination of CranioSacral therapy, Intuitive therapy and Reiki to ease pain and promote relaxation.  Your body is the most important vessel you have, I listen to it and use light touch to help it find it’s balance and remember how to restore proper flow.  Roxanne sees clients of all ages and has been in the Chicago area for more than 10 years.

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