How Stress Affects Us

Stress can make you sick, tired, and worse…

Research has shown that numerous conditions and diseases are linked to stress: from allergies to headaches to sudden cardiac arrest.

We all have stress in our lives. Failing to control stress will make our problems worse. Taking steps to reduce stress, and controlling our reaction to it will improve our health.

It’s not the stress; it is how you respond to it

Heavy traffic, problems with money, at work, with your marriage, and other stressors are not the problem—your response to them is.

Stress hormones affect your health

Your response to stress causes the adrenal glands produce their hormones. They are responsible for the fight or flight response. But this response is meant to be short-lived, when it continues it can lead to many problems including exhaustion, digestive problems, obesity, and depression

Slow down and Breathe

Learn a lesson from Children – slow down and see the beauty of the world around you. With the proper attitude and tools, you can begin to reduce stress.

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