Steve W., Woodridge, IL

When I went in for my semi-annual CT Scan and blood panel on October 16th, 2014, I had been cancer-free for just over 2 years. On October 20th, 2014, my oncologist would call me with the news that no cancer survivor wants to hear. The test result revealed that my CEA tumor marker was slightly elevated at 3.1 ng/mL (standard range is 0.0 – 3.0 ng/mL)….. I immediately contacted Shellie, informed her of the findings and sent her a copy of the doctors report. With her direction, I implemented in some additional supplements, a cleanse program, and started(READ MORE)

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Wende, Elgin, IL

When I first started working with Shellie she was truly my last hope. I had experienced major reactions to cortisone treatments for back injuries and the subsequent pharmaceutical treatments that were prescribed to deal with those reactions and I was at the end of a 5 year storm of circumstances. I have had severe allergies / sensitivities since childhood and have always believed that the human body heals itself. That “natural” is best. Due to my circumstances, treatment from my Chiropractor was not approved and my nightmare of (highly protested) treatments began… (READ MORE)

The Moose, the Swan and the Antelope / My Journey with John

While in meditation and prayer, The Moose, Swan and Antelope came to me.  The Moose has to do with Self-Esteem & Courage, The Swan has to do with Balance & Grace and The Antelope is about Beauty, Gentleness, Action & Speed.  So I begun to create and combine healing modalities with utilizing my spirit friends and Prayer as a foundation to create freedom for my clients and myself in this area…My journey with John began with a call…“Well Shellie I’m having a difficult time saying this.  Two weeks ago, it was confirmed that I have Pancreatic cancer…stage 4, I’ve been given two months to live.  I’ve been to multiple doctors they all confirm the same diagnosis and prognosis”… (READ MORE)

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